Made by hand. From the heart. To the home

We welcome David Elias (Head of Design and Business Development) to our team. Here, he explains the benefits of choosing bespoke, hand-made furniture. And he tells us why you’re in good hands if you choose Andrew Morton Furniture.

Furniture as unique as you

When you decide to have your furniture custom-made, all the power is in your hands. From the shape and size, the materials you choose, to the look and feel – bespoke means you can have a piece of furniture that is as unique as you are.

Custom-made furniture is an extremely versatile option. This is as important in period homes that have unique features such as bay windows, fireplaces and cornices; as it is in modern contemporary spaces, requiring architecturally sympathetic statement pieces. Bespoke furniture creations are also ideal for filling that awkward corner gap of vertical space that has been impossible to furnish.

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Adding value to your property

While an off-the-shelf media unit or bookcase is often more or less disposable, a custom-made creation is something that will genuinely stand the test of time and add value to a property. The beautiful craftsmanship, high quality materials and unique design will not only stand out, but most importantly perfectly fit the space and purpose intended, whilst also reflecting you as a person in every element of its design. It is no coincidence that a significant proportion of our work is for architects, interior designers and high-end property developers.

So why Andrew Morton Furniture?

There’s a plethora of furniture-makers to choose from. So why us? Having recently joined the company, I've been truly impressed by the level of experience and expertise. I’ve worked on luxury high-end residential and commercial projects all over Europe, and AMF is up there with the best of them. At the heart is skill, knowledge and craftsmanship. The Business Operations team who will manage your project, all come from a furniture design-making background, with 80 years of combined experience for you to tap into. And that’s not taking into account the cabinet makers!

Our experience is of course beneficial for our private clients, but also integral for our commercial clients, who work on large-scale, complex, high net-worth projects. We love a challenge and work on the basis that if it can be imagined, it can be made. However technically complex, each project is approached with the same rigour and attention to detail. It’s the depth of experience that enables us to consistently deliver and ensures your project will run smoothly.


We’re with you all the way

Our process has been finely honed and is closely monitored. We’re here to help and guide you through every stage of your commission. Our project management software enables us to keep you fully up to date on progress and ensure timelines are met. We recognise that cabinet-making is a vocation not just a job, so it’s our standard practice that a cabinet-maker - or team of makers - will follow each project through to completion.


Put simply, they’ll make and fully assemble each piece in our workshops, dismantle, send to finishing and then carry out final installation on site. It’s this end-to-end approach that means each member of the team takes great pride in their workmanship. And it doesn’t finish there. The care continues after installation with a six-year warranty.


To discuss your furniture requirements please email David at