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Six-step process all under one roof

20 years of trading means we have finely-tuned the process. Whether you're a commercial or private client, we can draw on our knowledge to advise you on any step of the process. The process can also be tailored to your specific requirements.

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1. Brief

Together, we'll produce a design brief for each project. You’ll be provided with a concise breakdown, identifying each stage of the process, such as timing, budget and aesthetics. Everything will be done to help you foresee and mitigate any potential issues.


4. Final designs

Design concepts are refined into fully detailed drawings and digital renders of each design. We develop and test prototypes and custom finishes. The final design is reviewed and agreed with the client.


2. Initial ideas

Initial design ideas and concepts are developed in our studio according to the client brief. Costs are gathered and estimates confirmed internally. We'll present our ideas in a face-to-face or virtual  meeting with the client.

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5. Manufacture

Each piece is then hand-made in our purpose-built factory in West London. Our manufacturing team includes skilled joinery, metalwork and finishing teams, as well as a full upholstery.


3. Site survey

Our cabinet-makers will visit the property where the furniture will finally be located. Access routes, widths of entryways, ceiling heights and stairways are measured and taken back to confirm if the furniture can be built in one piece in our factory or built in pieces and assembled on site.


6. Installation

Our attention to detail continues through our process right up to final installation. It's our standard practice that each cabinet-maker (or team) follow each project though to completion. So they will make, fully assemble in our workshops, dismantle, send to finishing and then carry out the final installation on site.